Welcome to a New Home.

A New Home

Happyness Hours is a new home for a lineup of DC’s best live shows. The producers and artists behind each show are varied. The shows are one-of-a-kind.

I was one of the folks behind “Laugh Your Grits Off” which was renamed LYGO DC in the beginning of 2013 to accommodate a series of evening shows that began on U Street at such venues as The Codmother and Desperados. The flagship brunch + comedy show became “Wake & Bacon” in 2014 and continues better than ever under the steady hand of host Cliff Gallagher.

My baby is Comics Against Humanity, which given the horrible things said during that show is probably best not called a baby. Nonetheless, I’m proud it’s been a huge success since the first go-round and I have become quite fond and protective of my guests that keep coming back every month!

An old friend and spoken word artist, poet, and emcee, Komplex, is behind a brand new event called Because I’m Happy Hour. This will be a fantastic show backed by Komplex’s talents and lineups stacked with amazing performers he’s befriended over the years. It will also be the only show I know of that gives the audience a chance to do their thing and interact throughout. Short performances will be interspersed with DJ’d music and the chance to hang out with some of DC’s finest performers, as well as visiting performers from across the country.Happy Hours from Happyness Hours DC live shows logo

David Tveite and Matty Litwack head the Drunk Show which returned to action with us on August 21, 2014. Former hosts of Blorp at Desperados with LYGO DC, if you haven’t seen them both then you’re missing two comics who DC will imminently be sharing with NYC and L.A.  In fact, they’re already spending about as many weeks touring as they are in their DC home.

OK, Cupid! is a brand new show we’re preparing to launch and are hoping Jamel Johnson and Erica Johnson (not related) will host. We all had our favorite dating show or dating game show growing up. This event gives every date in the audience a chance to win free dinner. Every date is guaranteed to love two of DC’s most loved performers host the fun.

All this is just the beginning. Happyness Hours is the new home for even more of our friends in DC and even more unique experiences.


Nuestra Casa Es Su Casa

Did I mention every show will have a drink special? C’moooooon, it’s happy hour. Grab a drink, pull up a seat and let’s get down.

Our home is your home and we’ll be making a lot of spots home around the city. Different venues and sponsors means fresh experiences and better deals for you.

All our producers and performers have always gotten great reviews. But ya know, we always want the straight feedback. Don’t be shy, let us know what’s happening and we’ll always do our best to ensure you’re happy.


So that’s the skinny. Happyness Hours is home to a lot of friends, great shows, good drinks, and there’s a lot more to come. Thanks for coming and hope to see you again soon.




  1. Elizabeth Buten

    Hi, I’m trying to get more info on Sunday’s event. I bought tickets with several friends, do we need to make a reservation for brunch? Is the whole show after brunch or is a portion of it before the brunch? I assume brunch is not included, is that correct? Thanks.

    • Rich Bennett


      We look forward to seeing you!

      Additional reservations are not required. The only exception is for those with special needs who should contact the venue or us to ensure the appropriate accommodations are prepared.

      The show starts at 2:30 and there is no show before then.

      You are correct, brunch is a la carte and not included in the ticket price.

      Thanks and see you soon!



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