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FEBRUARY 10th PRIME TIME DRUNK SHOW — $15 COVER (advance ticket sales closed)


See them sober, see them bombed, join in the fun.

We all do things that are embarrassing, but rarely do we decide to do them on purpose… during the middle of the day… in public… on a stage… in front of a crowd of people. That’s where comedians differ! At the Drunk Show at Brunch, it’s embarrassment on demand. Each comedian will do a set sober, then come up again and do a set completely wasted. So grab a mimosa, and enjoy watching as some drunk comedy magic unfolds in front of you.

Talking to former and co-founding host Matty Litwack:

What inspired the Drunk Show?

This format was inspired by the realization that drunk strangers are annoying, but drunk friends are often funny. The initial sober performance allows comedians to build a rapport with the audience and provides context for the audience to understand that the comedians are normally quite funny.

The show is really fun because the audience gets to see a completely different side of comedians. Some comics are able to ride their drunk energy and still be hilarious, while others flounder and are hilarious for all of the wrong reasons.

What do you most look forward to?

I always look forward in particular to seeing comics who are normally serious in tone act extremely silly.

What one thing should people know about you?

The one thing I want people to know about me is that I don’t drink that often, so this show could get real whacky, real fast.

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Drunk Show is always an absolute blast. Sold out, waiting list, great performances, good beer… unfortunately, none of the comics ever remember anything that happened.

  • Warning: Comedy shows sometimes contain naughty language and potentially offensive ideas. It is intended for a good time but please attend at your own risk!
  • Parking in DC can be tough. We recommend using the nearby metro, taxi, and other you-don’t-drive-yourself alternatives.

Hosted By

His name is Schewitz Whichard… that’s ‘sh-eh-wits’ with a Whichard like Richard. Schewitz was born 1967 (ageless) in Washington, DC. He grew up in Alexandria, VA.

Schewitz has been performing as a stand-up comedian nearly two decades, having started in 1996 at the Comedy Connection in Langley Park, MD. He’s won the Fat Doctors Comedy Competition & Magic 102.3 Comedy Competitions. He was also a finalist for the Def Comedy Jam in 1997 @ at the Comedy Connection in Laurel, MD.

His self-described style is very “mature/blue”… But he’s also one of DC’s most interactive, engaging, and physical comedians, so he’s a fan-favorite and regular performer with LYGO DC.

For those that remember REDD FOXX, you’ll notice he’s one of the primary comedic inspirations for Schewitz.

Schewitz’ credits are maybe most impressive when perusing his long and esteemed list of co-performers. He’s opened for: Micheal Calloer, Talent, Eddie Bryant, Alycia Cooper, Shucky Ducky and Chris Thomas; he’s featured for: Tony Woods, Erin Jackson, Antoine Blackman, Funnyman Skiba, Desherl Funnylady Roy and David Edwards. His travels include performances at “The Spot” in Nashville, TN; “White Collar Crime” in Raleigh, NC; “The Maze” in Columbia, DC; “Scandal-loos” in Charlotte, NC; “Island Delight” in Winchester VA; “Baltimore Comedy Factory” in Baltimore, MD, and more.

The Drunk Show

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