Privacy Policy & More

Privacy Policy

Hey, Ed Snowden–if that’s your real name–we’re not divulging secrets here at Happyness Hours! Emails, phone numbers, Facebooks, Googles, and whatever else our fam’ share with us is for us to stay in touch with them about upcoming events and videos or podcasts or other Happyness Hours-related activities. They’re not for others to see and we intend to keep it that way.

We hope you fine folks out there don’t mind sharing your contact info with us. It’s very fun putting together these shows and we want to keep letting you know about it.


Code of Conduct

We all have a good time at our events, shows, what-have-yous. Sometimes, we imbibe quite a bit more than we should. We of course hope no one is drinking and driving so we encourage using the Metro, cabs, buses, rickshaws, et al. Sometimes, we’re just up in the club getting crunk though, ya know?

Happyness Hour events are to be enjoyed by all. Raucous behavior that interferes with others’ enjoyment of a performance is not cool and harms others’ enjoyment. We do our best to be gracious and give our guests leeway to enjoy a show how they like. If you are asked nicely to take things down a notch, please do so. If you cannot, then you are probably too drunk and we reserve the right to remove you from an event.


Respect for Artists

The performers are there for you to enjoy. Sometimes you won’t. It happens. Even the most amazing performers have off nights. We hope that you maintain a baseline level of decorum and respect for the artists you see at Happyness Hours events.

For our part, we maintain a steadfast commitment to preserving artists’ rights and acting in the interests of our performers. We are, after all, artists ourselves. We hope that you help us in this. We know there’s a couple folks out there that will pirate footage and be the “bad eggs” so to speak. We count on the vast majority to help us ensure a very modest compensation for the time, dedication, and talent of our amazing comics, story tellers, poets, emcees, musicians, and more.