Matty Litwack

Matty Litwack


It’s important that you know Matty (pronounced Mah-tee) Litwack was a scientist before he was a comedian. Matty Litwack was born in Cleveland, but his family moved to Atlanta due to LeBron James’ selfishness. Matty was homeschooled until the age of 15. He then took the GED test which is a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ best 4 out of 7, passed it, and immediately enrolled at Georgia Tech. After earning earning a degree in nuclear engineering, he came to DC to attend George Washington University and get a PhD in physics. In the midst of all of this, Matty started doing stand-up. But his career didn’t truly take off until he quit school 2 years ago after being a teaching assistant for a Physics class of GW political science majors broke his spirit.

Matty took all that science taught him and applied it to comedy. Using a formulaic approach to his joke writing, Matty’s material mixes nonsensical fantasy with true stories of his uncommon life experiences. The Stand-up world has quickly taken notice. Matty has placed in 3 of the 5 comedy festivals he’s been invited to since 2013, including the Limestone Festival, Laughing Devil Festival (semi-finalist), Women in Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival (2nd Place), and he took First Place at the 2014 Devil Cup in New York City.

Matty can be seen performing all over town, as well as in Virginia and Maryland. He regularly performs at the DC Improv, Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse, and Magooby’s Jokehouse. He also co-produces the Drunk Show with fellow comic David Tveite – a stand-up comedy show in which comics perform sober first, and then get as drunk as possible and perform again, after which they’re challenged to a rap battle by Mr. Litwack and aren’t allowed to go home until they defeat him.

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