David Tveite

David Tveite


Comic David Tveite is young and a comic. He has a 12 year-old’s haircut that the media likes to point out. Home base has been DC for most of his comedy career at this point, but he’s typically announced as the comic from Seattle, Washington.

He remains one of the only humans from the Midwest without a sunny disposition that also DOESN’T sell meth. When you add meth to the mix it really skews the numbers.

David Tveite started doing stand-up in Minnesota as a coping mechanism for having a bowl cut but he made a name for himself in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from Puget Sound University with a creative writing degree basically because there’s no such thing as a joke writing degree.

Using his unique voice and excellent joke writing ability David Tveite has featured at comedy clubs and various bars all around the country most notably he has performed at Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Seattle’s Bumbershoot Music Festival, and was a semifinalist in the 32nd annual Seattle Comedy Competition. He currently resides in Washington, DC, where he performs regularly at the DC Improv.

David Tveite mixes a sharp wit with acerbic criticism commenting on a great range of topics. From clinical depression to frozen pizza: No topic is off-limits, even himself. Since moving to DC he has produced some fantastic shows including the Drunk Show in which comedians perform once sober and then drunk so it’s basically just reality.

And, his crown jewel “Sadness Town” is a podcast where he talks with a guest about the terrible music they listened to in high school. The Washington City Paper has described this show as “ dick jokes, lots and lots of dick jokes.” They have also personally called David a “Sad Clown,” but they meant it in a good way.

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